cutler 2The Chicago Bears have all but disowned Jay Cutler. The highly paid quarterback has been benched for the beer gutted Jimmy Clausen. Being benched is not a good look for Cutler, but to be replaced by a guy that should have already began his insurance sales career is quite another level of embarrassment.

The Bears’ season has clearly been a disaster. Cutler has been atrocious to say the least as they limped to a 5-9 record. That makes them worse than the Minnesota Vikings who have a rookie QB and lost their All Pro running back at the jump of the season. Oh and one of their lone bright spots this year, Brandon Marshall, had to leave the stadium in am ambulance a couple weeks ago. I wouldn’t blame Bears ownership if they just closed up shop for this year and forfeited the final two games.

The Jay Cutler issue sounds like it may be hard to shed his contract. On the surface that is true, but these NFL contracts are made to look bigger than they are in reality. Highest paid fill in the blank position makes the player feel good and gets the agent brownie points. But trust me, NFL teams are in full control of most of this “guaranteed money.” The reports I am hearing make it clear that Chicago can trade Cutler or even cut him and only be responsible for a $15 million dollar cap hit next year. That number will decrease by his new team’s salary for him in 2015. So the Bears could get rid of the interception magnet and only lose about 5 – 7 million on him next year.

As for where Jay Cutler may end up, that is anyone’s guess. It looks like no one should touch him. But there are not Bradys or Lucks on every roster you know. There are many Ryan Fitzpatricks and Kyle Ortons though and teams with guys like that are looking to upgrade. While I don’t believe Cutler is an upgrade to much of anyone at this point in his career, there is always a coach or owner who thinks they can turn a guy around that has physical talent.

Whoever takes that chance will be wrong on Cutler. I don’t see anything in him that shows he can go back to the promise he showed early in his NFL career. Chicago will be better off without him, and the team that gets him will get a guy with an impressive bench press and a nice head of hair, period.