By Tucker Ballister

Most fans know the nature of sports can become intense and physical from time to time. For many, this is one of the main reasons we tune in. Seeing the world’s greatest athletes mix it up and test each other’s physical and mental limits is just pure entertainment. Here are the top five NBA fights of all-time:

5. Denver Nuggets vs. New York Knicks
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Nuggets-Knicks Fight Image

These teams got into it back in the 2006-2007 season, way before J.R. Smith and Carmelo Anthony made their way to New York. Smith took a hard flagrant foul from Marty Collins on a fast break. Smith got up and into Collins’ face immediately, but the referees quickly intervened and things could’ve ended there. Nate Robinson then further instigated Smith and the two went tumbling into the courtside seats. Then, out of nowhere, Anthony unleashed a sucker punch right into Jared Jeffries’ face.