button_view_gallerySportsmen and women draw inspiration from various sources including loved ones and pets. Interestingly cameramen and photojournalists understand this, and that is why cameras sometimes stray from events and actions happening on the pitch to someone on the stand. As a fan watching from the comfort of your home, one of the most annoying things that can happen during an EPL match is when the camera momentarily swings from events on the pitch to a beauty on the stand. Those moments when cameras are taken from off the thick of the action and diverted towards someone off the field are special to photojournalists. Those cameras are not just focused on an everyday fan; they are diverted to capture celebrities, MPs, ex-players, and even club legends.

epl hottest wags - FEATUREDFor those who watched the last European Cup, the Confederation Cup, and the last FIFA World Cup, one celebrity that was always in focus was pop superstar Shakira who is an ever-present in matches involving Gerard Pique. The pop singer is a favourite of photojournalists and cameramen as regular attention is turned towards her sitting position on the stand. Scandal sells as they always say, and these shots and recordings are considered vital to these tabloids who ‘desperately’ want to hit the news stand with ‘exclusives.’

Wives and Girlfriends or WAGs as we all love to call them, command a lot of attention. The World Cup, which is the biggest stage in world football, often dedicates a segment on WAGs that are considered as special. The weekly sports and celebrity magazines are not left out as they rake in millions of dollars into their coffers from sales.

Here is a rundown of top 5 hottest WAGs in the English Premier League. I will like to add that the lists below are based purely on personal view, and may not completely reflect what you think.