The NFL passer rating system is a fairly new way to judge NFL quarterbacks. No one was using a spreadsheet to create a formula to judge a QB’s performance back in the 70’s. Wins and losses basically told you how good a signal caller was at passing the ball and running the offense.

But we have the stats and the system to see just who was the top passer according to the QB rating system of today. Will the top guys be of the modern age or will some old school quarterbacks of the grid iron make the cut? These playoff QB ratings tell the story.


10. Peyton Manning – 88.4%
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payton manning - colts days

Peyton Manning may be the best QB of all time but he only made the ten spot on this ratings list. His 88.4 score is due to some rough games versus the Patriots and last year’s Super Bowl destruction at the hands of the Seahawks.