This is a commemorative mix to celebrate the first three peat (3 PEAT) in the modern era of basketball made by the Chicago Bulls in 1993 against the Phoenix Suns….21 years before….in June 20th exactly.
Charles Barkley was the MVP of the year and the suns the best team in the league.
After they won agaisnt the Knicks in 6 games Jordan and his team went to the finals for the third time in a row.
The first 2 games in Phoenix were dominated by the Bulls.
The third game is famous for his 3OT thriller and the Suns won it at Chicago.
The fourth game is the masterpiece of Jordan who scored 55 points .
During the fifth game the Bulls was defeated for the second time at home.
In the last game (game 6) the Bulls won the three peat in Barkley’s lands .

Michael Jordan complete statistics line during this final :

41 PPG – 50.8 %FG – 40 %3P – 69.4 %FT – 8.5 RPG – 6.3 APG – 1.7 SPG – 0.67 BPG – 2.7 TO.