By: Andrew Karns

The Spurs just never go away. They’re like Jason from Friday The 13th. I swear, it’s going to be 2021 and we’re still going to be talking about how many championships Gregg Popovich is winning. They’re the prototype on how to run an NBA franchise, and it shows on the court.

But even after all the championships, it’s hard to believe that the Spurs have never repeated in their franchise’s history. With the new basketball season on the horizon, not much has changed in San Antonio.

The Spurs return their entire roster for this upcoming season, the same roster that ripped through the Miami Heat last year to win their fifth NBA title. Will Kawai Leonard take the next step in becoming an NBA star? Will Manu Ginobili’s body hold up for another Spurs title run? In typical Spurs fashion, Gregg Popovich gave his thoughts.

There’s no real reason to believe the Spurs can’t repeat this year. This is a team that came one fluke play away from winning the NBA title two years ago and last year looked unbeatable.

Anyone who watched the NBA Finals last year can tell you just how good the Spurs are when they’re clicking on all cylinders. Popovich’s team put on an absolute clinic on how the game should be played as the Miami Heat lost by an NBA record amount of points for a Finals series.

The Spurs return everyone and, yes they’re one year older, but that’s what everyone said last year too…. and look what happened. There’s no doubt the Cavs, Thunder, Bulls, and Clippers could give them a run for their money but there’s no doubt that San Antonio should be the favorites until proven otherwise. The Spurs may finally repeat for the first time.