This is the first mix of The B-DAY EVENT (the 50 years celebration of Michael Jordan week end) “MICHAEL JORDAN – PURE VINTAGE.”(between 1984 and 1993).
To honor His Airness i present this project (2 more are coming) …. A total vintage video representing MJ in an old school fashion style(with some heroes of nintendo)…When you saw him play it was like a video game mode ….he was JUST unstoppable ,so creative and beautifull to watch.
fake shots ,reverse jumpshots , reverse lay ups ,double pump ,dunks ,circus shots ,blind pass ,blocks …..a basketball fest.
this mix contain many ultra rare highlights ( for exemple some actions of the famous 1988 MIDSUMMER NIGHTS MAGIC GAMES when jordan scored 54 points.)
18 minutes of pure greatness …enjoy !!!

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