I made this mix to show all people why Michael Jordan was ,is and will be considered as the greatest basketball player when it count ….in Playoffs time !!!
The first part of the mix shows the road for the first three peat in post seasons (1991 – 1992 – 1993) and the second part the reapeat of the three peat (1996 – 1997 – 1998) ….THE FINALS FOOTAGES ARE NOT INCLUDED. ( just R1 – R2 & CF during 6 years ).
MJ was beautiful to watch ….. he had a wonderfull technique and all the trics defensivly and offensivly to beat any opponent.
Quicker , stronger and smarter when it count he elevated the game to another level in Playoffs .
Enjoy the 12 minutes of beauty , talent, créativity and motivation in slow motion…. simply the GOD OF PLAYOFFS.