This is a special mix dedicaded to the great world champion roster of USA TEAM….called the Dream Team 2.
This team was in the shadow and succed to the famous and original Dream Team (with Magic ,Jordan ,Bird ,Barkley and the others) who won the olympic gold medal at Barcelona in 1992.
The DT2 was composed of professional players in the 1994 World Championship, held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada….Shaquille O’neal , Shawn Kemp ,Joe Dumars,Mark Price ,Reggie Miller , Dominique Wilkins , Larry Johnson , Kevin Johnson , Derrick Coleman ,Dan Majerle, Alonzo Mourning and Steve Smith.
Most of people knows about Dream Team 1 or Dream Team 3 (1996) but this one was very very good and flashy!!!
Coached by Don Nelson of the Golden State Warriors, this team easily captured the gold medal in tournament play and averaged margin of victory of 37.8 points per game… amazing dominance.
In fact O’Neal and Shawn Kemp made a fest of dunks, Reggie Miller and Dan Majerle tossed in three-pointers, Derrick Coleman and Alonzo Mourning blocked shots, Kevin Johnson went coast-to-coast for layups, and the classy Joe Dumars did a little of everything.
Many rares highlights during 13 minutes of real pleasure.