NS_16cowstockKAt the start of this year I heard a ton of talk about DeMarco Murray being injury prone. Everyone kept waiting for the guy to fall apart, especially after the Cowboys started feeding him the ball like he was Emmitt Smith. Murray held up though until last week when he broke his left hand.

He had surgery this week and plans to play today versus the Colts. The guy is game, I’ll give him that. If I had hand surgery this past week, I would be watching Netflix for a few days, not getting ready to let 250 pound linebackers grab at my limbs for 60 minutes.

The Dallas running back will be playing with a pad on his surgically repaired hand this week. How effective he will be remains to be seen. Running may not be a big issue, but ball security and of course catching the ball will not be much of an option. If the plan doesn’t work, they have other guys ready at the running back spot. However, if those options were so great, they wouldn’t ask Murray to come back so soon. The Cowboys are desperate to win these last two games and not miss out on a playoff shot again.

I don’t want to compare Murray to Emmitt Smith too much. Smith is legendary for his toughness. He not only played through awful injuries. He thrived in those games in which he was truly hurt. Running backs shouldn’t play with separated shoulders, much less dominate a defense like Smith did in his day. Murray is going to give it a shot these last two weeks. He deserves credit for just getting on the field with a broken hand. He could earn legend status, if only for one game, if he somehow manages to play at the level he has shown all year.