chicago bullsI was watching the Chicago Bulls in a typical Eastern Conference regular season game last night and I experienced something truly amazing… Suddenly, I began to have flashbacks of the dominating years of the Chicago Bulls from the 1990’s. Next, clear visions of another gratifying 3-peat championship danced through my head like a graceful ballerina. The headline read: BULLS 3-PEAT 2015, 2016, 2017!!! Yes, I just got the chills.

Could my childish dream of my favorite team actually become a reality? Are the 2015 Bulls destined to be the next NBA dynasty of the decade? In short, the answer is yes… And here’s why:

1. Tough and Intelligent coaching: During the Bulls hay days, Phil Jackson dominated the 90’s with 6 NBA titles by opposing mental gymnastics onto his opponents with his trademark triangle offense. He was simply a genius. Similarly, Tom Thibodeau is a smart coach. He gets the best out of every single player on his roster whether you are a starter or a benchwarmer. Thibodeau is the best of both worlds: He’s an intelligent coach with tough brass balls. Rumor has it he bench presses 400 lbs! Every year he’s in the running for coach of the year. More importantly, he knows how to win. Thibbs is on pace to lead his (24-10) bulls to their NBA 5th consecutive post season appearance as head coach. The only complaint from his critics is that he forces his players to play too many minutes. Forcing your players to work extremely hard? Sounds like a good problem to have if you ask me.

2. The Bulls roster is DEEP: This team has some real depth to it. Let me clarify… The Bulls’ roster is about as hot and deep as the majestic Grand Canyon a summer afternoon in Late August. To accompany the 5 stud starters (Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler, Pau Gasol, Mike Duleavy) the Bulls have key role players such as Kirk Hinrich, Aaron Brooks, and Nikola Mirotic. Not to Mention Doug McDermott, who has been compared to the 3-point shooting specialist, John Paxon. I absolutely love watching the Bulls because on any given night one of these bench players could throw up 30 points on the score board. Case and point.

3. Derrick Rose: Now I Know what you probably are thinking… You’re thinking that I’m going to say that Rose is going to transform into his former Superman self and regain his MVP status, right? Wrong! I believe Derrick Rose is going to be one of the pivotal players for the Bulls future success for many years to come because he makes his team mates better. This year, with a healthy Derrick Rose on the court the Bulls have outscored their opponents by 6.4 points per 100 possessions. That’s good enough for the sixth-highest net efficiency rating in the league. With Rose on the floor, that number jumps to 15.4, Per Zach Buckley of Bleacher Reports. Also, Rose demands his opponent’s attention. He creates space on the court for his teammates like Jimmy Butler and Pau Gasol to get open and score easy buckets.

Now, I am not saying the modern day Chicago Bulls will ever reach the coveted 72 wins-10 losses record like the historical 95’-96’team did with MJ and Pippen at the helm. But, I do get the feeling that this team has the recipe for many more championship titles to come. This season’s team has all the characteristics of a true championship contender. Their main ingredient for success is simple. Like the head coach says: “DO….. YOUR…. JOB”.