Here’s a video tribute to the early days of Kareem Abdul Jabbar as Lew Alcindor, a complete retrospective telling his long and extraordinary journey from 1964 to 1989.
We’ll start with “Power Memorial” in New York, where he’ll establish an amazing record with 71 straight wins in 1964, a team many describe as the best that ever played during
the 20th century.
Lew was head and shoulders above everyone else : too big, too strong and too good, he was simply unstoppable near the rim.
In 1966, Alcindor joins the famous University of UCLA where Hall of Famer John Wooden will teach him new tools. Impossible to guard and never seen before, Alcindor will destroy records and force the NCAA to ban dunking because of him….. With the Bruins, he’ll end up winning the championship three times.
In 1969, he’s obviously drafted number 1 overall in the Draft, pairing with another player quite famous in Oscar Robertson, the Big O…. From Day One, Alcindor is just too good for his age, and he’ll only need three years to get to the promise land : as an NBA champion in 1971, he’ll officially change his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar right after these Finals.
In 1975 Kareem leaves Milwaukee and settles in Los Angeles where he’ll capture 5 championship rings in 14 Laker seasons.
These 10 minutes of exclusive footage are brought together to celebrate Kareem’s 67th anniversary.